Hail or Wind Damage? Leaky roof? Don’t know what to do or who to call?… Well look no further!

Unfortunate weather events can cause a lot of property damage and dealing with an insurance claim can be a stressful process. Davrey Roofing prides itself in having the building expertise and property loss experience to guide you through the entire claim and reconstruction process… from A to Z. We use leading industry estimating software to make sure all damages are properly accounted for. Your property will be beautifully rebuilt.

Insurance Claims Process Breakdown – Simplified Steps to Take Action

  1. Property Inspection – Make sure to have your property inspected by one of our professionals before filing a claim.
    • Already filed a claim? Have an insurance estimate in hand?  Don’t automatically assume you have everything included in the initial estimate provided by the insurance company. Let us asses your damages.
  2. Review Inspection – We review inspection findings together and decide the best course of action, whether you need repairs or actually need to file a claim.
  3. File a Claim / Adjuster Appointment Scheduled – an adjuster is assigned to your claim and will schedule to come out to inspect your property – we make sure we meet them to go over damages together on site.
  4. Estimate / Paperwork Provided – upon confirmed damages, the adjuster will provide an estimate (also known as the adjuster report/scope of damages) based on our mutual findings. The estimate, along with an initial payment, may be provided either the day of the inspection, or soon after, depending on the insurance company and whether the adjuster is a staff adjuster (works for insurance co.) or independent adjuster (works as a third party for the insurance co.).
  5. Analyze Estimate / Paperwork – We sit down and go over this paperwork to make sure it makes sense and the estimate provides everything necessary to move forward with repairs. If the estimate is lacking, we may need to supplement (meaning we add anything missing) to the original estimate in order to get those approved damages included.
  6. Schedule Construction Project – Once we come to an agreement with the insurance company, we will schedule all work and make the reconstruction process a breeze.