Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing systems, predominantly asphalt shingles, are the most common roof material used in residential applications.
Although they are the most price friendly option, they have the mostlimited lifespan when compared to metal and other tougher materials that is unless a severe hail/windstorm or other natural catastrophe strikes.
Continuing to do repairs on an asphalt shingle roof when a replacement is warranted ends up wasting your time and money. We take a holistic approach to make sure your roof system is fully functional. When repairs won’t solve issues, we will suggest replacing the entire roof.

Key signs you may want to consider replacement

when repairs are no longer an option:


Roof material is

deteriorated and has

met its life span


Multiple and

costly repairs

have been made



leaking issues


Roof withstood a

hail/windstorm which

typically voids the

manufacturer warranty


Defective or second

hand materials

were installed

A couple of Asphalt Roofing Solutions


Tree tab shingles are affordable and will last at

least 1 decade in the right conditions. 3-tab

shingles are lightweight get the job done specially

if you are on a tight budget. The wind resistance

on 3-tab shingles is 60 mph.


Laminate shingles are often referred to as

architectural shingles due to the 3D effect and

construction. Architectural shingles come with at

least 100 mph wind resistance, durability and

provide a beautiful curve appeal. If you on the

market for a new roof system then you must

consider installing a 30yr roofing system.


There are many optons for asphalt shingles and If

you’re looking to get a discount on your premium

and add an elegant curb appeal to your home,

be sure to ask about our different designer &

Class 4 shingles. In some states the use of

qualifying impact-resistant roofing products

may qualify for a significant discount.

METAL Roofing 

A metal roof can be a great solution and overall investment

when you consider the benefits, energy cost savings and the

environmental impact.

Benefits of metal roofing

  1. Can weigh up to half as much as an asphalt roof system
  2. Higher wind resistance than most other roofing options
  1. Typically a lifetime warranty
  2.  Looks great and lasts forever! Excellent resale value when selling your property.


Energy &




Lower air conditioning bills

shingles reflect 5-25% of

solar heat while steel can

reflect 20-60% of it,

depending on the color


New steel is made from

50-100% recycled steel these

days and last 200-300%

longer than shingles


Fully recyclable material.

Although asphalt recycling

centers are growing, shingles

across the country still end up

piling up in our landfills

A Couple of Metal Roofing Options

Standing Seam

Aluminum Shake

Stone Coated